About the Author

Trinity Marlow is the “bad girl” alter-ego of the far more reserved Jamie DeBree. Trinity enjoys exploring the more sensual things in life – a touch, a kiss, a caress. A good glass of wine or Irish Cream. A healthy dose of fog-inducing brain chemicals from being around an attractive man. Warm sunshine and fragrant flowering trees in spring. Smooth panna cotta and creamy caramels covered in good dark chocolate.

In her books, Trinity likes to explore the delicate balance between sex and psychology, and how they compliment and compel each other to grow over time both as individuals and as a couple. Her books certainly have their hot spots, but as erotic romance rather than straight erotica, they also tell the story of people falling in love, and while it sometimes comes at a rather steep price, there’s always a happy ending waiting.

We hope you enjoy these stories. Thank you for reading.