The Magpie Madam: On Hold

I’m afraid I’m going to have to put this serial story on hold again, dear reader. I had a technical glitch a week or so ago after a software update, and subsequently got behind on my serial installments again. I need to establish a buffer going forward, so that...


The Magpie Madam: Initiation

These stories & excerpts are posted in draft form every week, and may contain adult themes and content. Each story/excerpt will be available for one week, until the next one is posted. Enjoy! There will be no installment next week, November 25th. This story will resume on December 2nd....


Newsletter News & Flash Me Fridays

The Naughty List, my monthly newsletter, will be starting up again on Monday, September 12th. It may include bits of trivia from my research, potentially nsfw photos and excerpts, news about upcoming releases, book recommendations, and special deals/discounts for subscribers only. If that sounds like something you might be...