Excerpt Day: Lemon Cream

This year’s serial story will be exclusive to The Naughty List subscribers, and will start the last week of January. Fridays will now be excerpt days, and showcase a different book or book-in-progress each week.
This week’s excerpt is from a kinky little story I wrote last year about a woman torn between her life on screen and her would-be Master. Enjoy!


Lemon Cream (Excerpt)

“Yes what?”

Fuck. Play the game or end it now?

She hesitated a moment too long. Sharp pain lanced through her hip from a quick pinch.

“I’m not playing, Susan. We both know this can only end one way.”

No! An image popped into her head of herself in front of the camera, naked save for her favorite yellow apron topped with a black leather collar and leash. The producers would have a heart attack.

“You have three seconds. One.”

Oh god. Another image, this time on Nick’s couch, sitting on his cock while he licked cheesecake batter off her nipples.


End it now. Be smart.


Screw it.

“Yes Sir.”

“That’s my girl.”

Nick draped his arm over her body, squeezing her tight for a long moment. She welcomed his warmth as her body cooled. Fear and curiosity warred within as she pondered the decision she’d apparently just made.

“So what happens now?” she finally asked, unable to hold back any longer. “Do you drag me off to your dungeon and slap on the manacles, or do we just set up house where I serve your every whim?” Only half-joking, she tried to keep her tone light, but her insecurities were too close to the surface for comfort. She sensed he knew that.

He chuckled in her ear, nuzzling the tender flesh with the tip of his nose.

“First, we sleep,” he said, kissing her shoulder. “We’ll talk tomorrow, okay? But I can assure you I won’t be dragging you off to my dungeon. Not just yet, anyway.” He patted her on the butt and rolled away, the bed shifting as he got up. Susan turned in time to see him pulling back the covers, and she rolled to her feet as well, turning off the lamp and sliding between the sheets where he pulled her against him once more.

“I have work tomorrow,” she murmured through a yawn as a contented weariness settled deep in her bones. She closed her eyes, her head resting on one of Nick’s arms as the other draped over her body to cup one breast.

“You can’t skip it?”

She gave her head a small shake. “We’re in the middle of taping a season. I’d have to be deathly ill or dead to skip without putting us at risk of being canceled.” Her heart pounded and her jello-y muscles stiffened. Would he order her to stay home? Would she lose her job, everything she loved, already?

“Fine,” he said, snuggling his face close against the back of her neck. “We’ll talk about it when you get home. Now go to sleep.”

Thank God. Susan smiled, the tension leaving her body again. She closed her eyes, and just as she was drifting off…



“No panties at work tomorrow.”

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