Writer’s Notes: Whipped Cream Introduction

I thought maybe it would be interesting for some serial readers to
get a little insight into what I’m thinking about as I write these
stories, so “Writer’s Notes” is a new feature for the blog that
begins…well, today. I’m not sure if it will be weekly or bi-weekly
yet, or even if readers (that would be you) will like it, so we’ll just
see how it goes. We’ll hope it doesn’t devolve into an MST3k thing, eh?

I finished the first scene of Whipped Cream, the new serial
story on Monday, and I have to say, it turned out better than I expected.
Celia is a Dominatrix, which should be interesting considering I’ve
never written a female Domme before. But she’s also a “switch” – a Domme
who is submissive under certain circumstances. In her case, it’s a man
who has been gone a long time, so it’s been years since she’s been a
bottom, but I think we all know how the human mind tends to fall back
into old patterns under the perfect stimuli. For them, her “switch”
nature is what broke them apart, and perhaps the reason she’s been alone
for so long.

I’m fascinated to see how this story will play out. Personally, I
have a hard time with the idea of being able to play both a dominant and
submissive role (though I think it happens more often, even in vanilla
circles, than we realize). And perhaps that’s why switches were frowned
on in the BDSM community for so long (or so I’ve read/heard). But I do
think it’s entirely possible for someone to have that in their makeup,
and my main purpose for writing this story is to explore and gain and
understanding of that particular psychological profile.

How did I learn Celia was a switch, at least at one point in her
life? Because she told Brianna part of her history while I was writing Irish Cream…and
that’s when I knew I had to write her story next. At the risk of
sounding crazy, I’m not a writer who tells my characters who they are
and how to act…I merely give them a setting and a physical
description, and write down what they do next. How the story plays out
is entirely up to them (sometimes to my wailing and gnashing of teeth).

In any case, I think this is going to be a very interesting tale to
read, and I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for part one of Celia’s


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