What Is Erotica?

Forgive me Reader, for I have sinned. It’s been approximately two years since my last (book) release…

…and yet, you’re all still buying (and presumably reading) my books, for which I am grateful and humbled.

I was having a pretty rough time of it back then. It was sort of a mash-up between a mid-life crisis and some big life changes that I was having trouble dealing with because it all happened around the same time, and a couple of those changes took a long time to sort themselves out. Yes, I’m being vague. Because the details don’t really matter to anyone but me. The fact is, I got through it, I got my head on straight, and I’m writing again, which feels good. Very good.

Part of why I needed a break though is because I was getting bored with erotica in particular. Bored with the explicit descriptions and I felt like my writing was getting sterile (relatively speaking) and boring because of it. Who wants to read a boring book? None of us, and I don’t want to write them either. So taking a break seemed like the best idea at the time, and it really was. My perspective has changed just as much as my mood, and I feel like I can write better and from a more mature place now. Which should mean even better books.

I have been thinking a lot about what makes erotica “erotic”, and while a few years ago I would have quickly answered “explicit writing/description”, I’m not sure that’s really how I see it now. I think there are lots of ways life and love and relationships can be erotic without being so straightforwardly explicit, and this is the type of erotica I’m interested in pursuing now, at this point in my life.

I’ve always been interested in the struggle of power between two people, and you’ll still see some BDSM stories from me, I’m sure. But we’ll also explore how erotic thoughts can lead to romantic actions and how caring actions can incite erotic thoughts and feelings…and dirty, explicit speech and text isn’t always necessary for that to happen (and sometimes it enhances the experience, which is just fine as well).

So, let’s explore some different sides of erotica, shall we? And how an erotic mindset can make even the most innocent of interactions more interesting and meaningful.

Stay tuned…


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