Talk Dirty To Me

The Naughty List for January went out on Monday with the new serial installment of Hard Drivin’, Book 1 of the Meadowlark After Dark series! Did you miss it? No worries – sign up now, and you’ll get a special link to catch up. Come on. You know you wanna…

I love this song…it’s so fun and flirty. And who doesn’t love a good flirt, right? It always reminds me of hours and hours on the phone when I was much younger, and conversations that would make my mom blush. Not to mention those late night chat room assignations. *sigh*

I’m not much of a swear-er (never really learned how, though my characters swear here and there), but I do enjoy verbal titillation a little more than I probably should admit to (and my oh-so-helpful-mind is always in the gutter, as you might imagine). Gotta be careful, actually. Willing men are plentiful, I could get myself in a whole passel of trouble, fun though it may be…

Do you talk dirty? Are you the milder flirt like I am, or do you go for full on raunchy? Inquiring minds… 😉

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