Excerpt Day: Hard Drivin’

Want a little taste of what subscribers to The Naughty List are reading? Here’s a short bit from the February installment, going out next Monday… Excerpt: Hard Drivin’ (Meadowlark After Dark, Book 1) He wasn’t sure whether she was smiling because she was getting pizza, because he was almost...


Excerpt Day: The Mechanic

Excerpt: The Mechanic She shook her head, consciously denying what she knew had to be the truth. “I…no. I can’t be. I don’t…” she blinked her eyes against the tears threatening to spill out. “I don’t want to be a slave.” Mike released her nipple, massaging gently as he...


Excerpt Day: Lemon Cream

This year’s serial story will be exclusive to The Naughty List subscribers, and will start the last week of January. Fridays will now be excerpt days, and showcase a different book or book-in-progress each week. This week’s excerpt is from a kinky little story I wrote last year about...