Schedule Changes & Weekly Excerpt

I’ve decided to stop posting serial drafts on the blog, at least for awhile. Instead, every Friday I’ll post an excerpt either from something I’m working on, or one of my older stories. This week you get both a cover reveal and a short excerpt from my next story, to be released on February 1st, 2013! Enjoy…

Excerpt from Whipped Cream (Feb 1, 2013)

you haven’t forgotten me,” he said, pushing off the desk and
moving closer with slow, deliberate steps. “Your body hasn’t. I
can see you fighting to stay on your feet. What I don’t know is
why. We’re in your office, no one can see… what’s the harm in
showing your master some respect?”

shook her head, holding out one hand. “Don’t come any closer. And
you’re not my master, not any more. You gave up that position a
long time ago when you decided to leave. Why are you here?”

stepped into her hand, bumping against it with his chest, and she let
it drop to her side. Being in the same room with him was dangerous
enough. Touching him was the height of foolishness. One more step,
and he loomed over her with his full six-foot-four frame, forcing her
to look up.

here to claim what’s mine,” he said, the words practically
rumbling out of his throat and vibrating to her core. “Now kneel.”


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