New Release: The Paramedic

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Also coming soon in the Working Stiffs: Hardcore Collection

Caught in the grip of a debilitating
panic disorder, Maggie Norris finds herself in need of medical attention
but unable to leave the apartment building where she lives. Her
downstairs neighbor and paramedic Kyle Trieber finds her, treats her,
and then suggests a rather unconventional treatment he thinks might help
her control the anxiety attacks that hold her captive. She agrees to
put herself at the mercy of his ropes, but will she be able to give
herself fully in order to ultimately gain her freedom?


Includes rope bondage and themes of light dominance and submission.


Available Formats: PDF, MOBI, ePub (non-DRM) 


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4 comments on “New Release: The Paramedic

  1. capri

    I’m absolutely loving the story of Maggie and Kyle, but what triggers the anxiety attacks? I myself have them and my triggers are stress and the fact that I bottle up my emotions and rarely let them out and it manifest itself into awful attacks to the point where sometimes it feels as if I can’t breath or that I get totally disorientated, so all that yammering being said, I’m just wondering what triggers Maggie’s attacks. I don’t recall seeing anything in the previous chapters that hinted as the causes for them.

  2. Trinity Marlow

    I sort of hinted at it in the first chapter, but I think this next one will shed more light for you. Maggie’s attacks are caused by insecurity, and because it’s more of a panic disorder, the triggers are pretty random. Hence her inability to hold down a job, or be in public much.

    I’m sorry you suffer from anxiety attacks – I’ve had a few, but nothing like people who live with them all the time.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the story – thanks for reading…

  3. yesaira

    im really love this book i also have a panic disorder and i can relate to Maggie’s attacks and how they come when you least expect them and you don’t want anybody there to look at you this way because it embarrassing and sometimes looks worst than it actually is so thanks for this book i love it lol

  4. Trinity Marlow

    I’m glad you liked it – thanks so much for reading!

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