Excerpt Day: The Pile Driver


Excerpt: The Pile Driver

“You get two for the price of one this time, big guy,” she said, giggling when he raised his eyebrows. “Dawn and I are roommates, so you’ll be protecting her too. It’ll be fun!”

Eric’s gaze met Dawn’s over the top of Amy’s head. Green flecked with hazel, she’d always been drawn to his eyes, but the intensity reflected back scared her. He was a predator, plain and simple, and while he seemed harmless, she sensed a reserve of energy within him used only on special occasions.

“Yeah, Dawn, it’ll be fun,” he mimicked, the mocking tone not lost on her as he turned his attention back to Amy. “Let me drive you home. I’ve got clean clothes in the truck, and you can show me how to work the remote.”

“Deal,” Amy said, clearly enamored as she grabbed his hand and started pulling him toward the door. “You’ll catch up, right Dawn? In a while?” She gave Dawn a look she hadn’t seen in awhile, the one that meant, “stay away until I’m done getting laid”. Dawn barely managed to stifle an eye roll at the dramatics, though she couldn’t quite tamp down the jealousy rearing its ugly head.

Waving her hands, she shooed them away. “Go ahead. I think I’ll have a drink. Maybe two.” She watched them walk out the door, Eric’s arm protectively wrapped around Amy’s waist. Running her hand through her hair, she turned to go to the bar, only to find Tweetle-red and Tweetle-redder standing right behind her, one of them holding out a shot, the other a beer bottle.
“We thought you could use this,” the one with the shot said, offering it up. Dawn tossed it back, her opinion of the two rising by the second. When she was done, the other handed over the beer. “And this. Wanna come sit down?”

She looked at one, then the other. There was something about how they were looking at her…
Aw, crap.

Setting the bottle and glass down on a nearby table, she shook her head. “Sorry, ladies, but I need to get going. Thanks for the…um…drinks.” Spinning on her heel she made a beeline for the door, vowing to purge her wardrobe of flannel very soon.

In the car with her key in the ignition, she paused, trying to decide where to go. After several indecisive minutes, she started the engine. Screw Amy’s fun. Or not, if she had anything to say about it.

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