Excerpt Day: Hard Drivin’

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Excerpt: Hard Drivin’

(Meadowlark After Dark, Book 1)

He wasn’t sure whether she was smiling because she was getting pizza, because he was almost done fixing her computer, or because he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her chest, now pushed up and nearly out of that scoop neckline as she lay across the counter looking comfy as can be.

Surely she knew what she was doing to him. Her eyes flicked briefly to his swollen crotch, and the smile around her eyes got a little bigger.

Yep, she definitely knew. He wasn’t sure what her angle was, and he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but if she wanted a quickie right here and now, all she had to do was say the word instead of sending him home to a cold, lonely shower.

Finishing her order – he had no idea what she’d said – she hung up the phone. He expected her to move – at least put those weapons a little further out of his reach, but she merely braced her elbows on the counter and grinned.

“You’re surprised I watch porn, aren’t you?”

Keep it cool, Mike. It’s her move, and she hasn’t made it yet. Just stay cool.

“A little.” He cleared his throat, the motion pressing his hard cock right up against his zipper. Damn jeans. “Women..or the women I know, anyway, don’t.”

She shrugged. “Well they should. You can learn a lot from watching porn. There’s a lot of nasty stuff out there too, but a lot of it’s very…instructional.” She winked. Smiled. Wiggled her ass the tiniest bit…

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