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Serial Story: The Bedrock Arrangement, Part 3

A new serial installment of this draft (read: unedited) is posted every week (and available for one week only), but keep in mind that this is erotic romance, and some scenes will contain graphic sexual situations not suitable for anyone under 21 yrs of age, or easily offended by sexual content.

The Bedrock Arrangement
Part 3

Nathan sat in his truck watching the front entrance of Unconventional Arrangements. He felt like a stalker or something, trying to catch a glimpse of the woman who wanted to meet him, but when he’d mentioned his research plan to his mom, she’d had some rather strong opinions about the kind of woman who’d go along with something like that. Including what she’d look like, and what she’d probably expect in return.

Hell, he knew what he was asking was odd. That’s why he’d contacted Pamela Kelley in the first place. And if she wanted money for her knowledge, well, he didn’t have a problem with that. As long as it was a reasonable amount.

His mom had given him a few choice words about that too. Which was when he’d dropped the subject and left. He wouldn’t have told her at all except she ran the local cafe in Bedrock, and there wasn’t any way to avoid her seeing him with his...relationship mentor. She wanted him to settle down so bad she’d jump to all the wrong conclusions right away, and he didn’t want any messy break-ups when this was all over, and he certainly didn’t want his mother getting attached to anyone temporary.

Would have been nice if she hadn’t felt the need to tell both of his sisters too. Who’d since told most of the town. When Ms. Kelley had called the other day, he’d almost told her to just forget the whole thing, given all the drama it had stirred up. But there was something hesitant in her voice when she told him about Ms. Jillian Waters, and it had made him curious to meet her.

He’d agreed to the meeting, planning to just come and introduce himself and then politely decline the offer, at least until talk in the town died down. He shouldn’t have even come.

Checking his watch again, he knew he had to go. The meeting was scheduled to start in five minutes, and the only woman he’d seen in the last twenty had been a sophisticated, well-dressed society lady - certainly no one who would consider his offer. Probably the owner of the shop herself. Maybe his match wouldn’t show.

Maybe that would be better all around.

He got out and walked across the parking lot, feeling under-dressed in his worn blue jeans, scuffed black steel-toed boots and faded blue button-down shirt with stone dust still clinging in spots. He’d thought about changing before driving in, but decided it would be better if she saw exactly who he was right from the start.

Pulling the door open, he walked into the office and gave the receptionist a forced smile.

“Nathan Ryan,” he said when she smiled back. “I have an appoint--”

“Yes Mr. Ryan - Ms. Kelley is expecting you. Follow me, please.”

He followed her down a dimly lit but nicely decorated hall. She ushered him through a door half-way down, and he was surprised to see two women waiting at a conference table - one of them the sophisticate he’d seen earlier, and the other a tall, lanky blond who stood up and came around the table to offer him her hand.

“Mr. Ryan, I’m so glad you made it. I’m Pamela Kelly. It’s nice to finally meet you.” After he shook her hand, she turned to the woman now standing behind her. “And I’d like you to meet Jillian Waters. Jillian, meet Nathan Ryan.”

He stepped forward and took the hand Jillian offered, confused. This woman was nothing like he’d expected, but he’d hoped to meet someone of her caliber after his research was done. If they’d met three months from now, he’d probably have asked her out. But as a mentor?

Average height, she was probably a couple inches shorter without the heels she wore. Her straight navy skirt hit mid-calf and looked comfortable, not too stiff. Topped with a white sweater that flowed over her curves comfortably, she looked like someone intelligent but not stuffy. Her hair was up in some sort of twist at the back of her head, brunette with red highlights.

But when he met her gaze, those bright, emerald eyes arrested him in a way nothing had before. He saw his own shock and interest mirrored in them, and the urge to pull her into his arms and kiss her until neither of them could breathe was so strong he actually took a step back.

And so did she.

Nathan wasn’t sure what to do. Or say. He looked at Pamela and she nodded, a warmth in her eyes that hadn’t been there before.

“I had my reservations about this match,” she said, looking at Jillian and then focusing on Nathan again. “It’s up to the two of you whether you take this any further or not, but it seems to me that as far as chemistry goes, this might be more than either of you were expecting. So I’m just going to step outside for a few minutes and let you get to know each other. You can let me know what you decide when I get back, okay?”

Nathan nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He caught Jillian’s nod from the corner of his eye.
“Thanks Pam,” she said, her voice far calmer than Nathan felt. He risked another glance her way as Pamela left, and she moved to the chair she’d been sitting in earlier.

“Would you like to sit down?”

No. He had no idea what to do with a woman like this, and wasn’t even sure he could speak in coherant sentences with her around. She - or women like her - was the reason he needed help. He should just turn around and leave. Maybe Ms. Kelly would be nice enough to set them up again in three months, after he finally knew what to do. What to say. How to be someone she could like. Or even love.

None of which explained why he pulled out the chair next to her and took a seat.

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What's Up Next: Unconventional Arrangements

If you haven't read the draft of Creme Brulee and you want to, now's the time. It'll be available until Sunday night (3/30), and then it will disappear until the edited, polished version is ready for sale in a few weeks. It's an...odd little story, I admit, but if you can stick with it and trust me until the end, I promise things all work out as they should...

Also, if you like audiobooks, you're going to love listening to Irish Cream, which should be ready in just a few short weeks! Audry Lusk is narrating once again, and if you listened to Chocolate Cream, you know just how sultry she is (if you haven't, do!). I'll let you know as soon as Irish Cream hits the virtual shelves!

In other news, I've decided to take a break from the BDSM niche I've been writing in, and explore some new directions (though we may still run into some D/s situations, of course). Still steamy, erotic romance, but I've decided to start a new, ongoing series of books all centered around a different sort of matchmaking service called Unconventional Arrangements, run by one Pamela Kelly.

There are rules, of course. Money is paid to the service for the listing, but services requested or offered by clients to other clients using the service must be free. In short, Unconventional Arrangements will not accept advertising for paid household servants, sexual favors, or employees.

Also, no conventional dating site profiles allowed. Walking on the beach and long talks by candlelight are so...conventional, don't you think? Clients of UA want to know what it will take to make you truly happy. If you're looking for someone to take care of you, or if you want to be with someone who will obey your every command, that's the kind of thing you list on UA. If you're looking for both a wife and a mistress (or a husband and lover), be honest. Want a marriage of convenience, for security and/or children? UA can set that up. Need a trophy wife? Want to be that trophy wife? UA can do that too. 

I write erotic romance, so you know that these matches, however unconventional, are all going to end up with two people falling in love. There will be happily ever afters, or at least happily for now's for all involved. These books will also be longer than the novelettes I've been writing, following our dear characters as they get exactly what they want (including lots of hot sex), and end up with exactly what they need. I'm excited to get started, and I think this is going to be a great series with a lot of fascinating relationships to explore.

I will be serializing these right here on the blog, with a slight change. Each week there will be a new installment posted Friday night, as usual. The difference is, each installment will only be available until the next one is posted, so you'll need to either keep up with the story, or subscribe to the blog via email so you get each installment in your inbox. This is to lessen the likelihood of people copying all the installments at once from the blog and posting them elsewhere for unlimited downloading/reading. I realize my books will be pirated, but I'd rather it was the polished, edited version rather than my draft versions.

So...I hope you'll join me next Friday night for the first installment of a new Unconventional Arrangements novel - so new I don't even have a title for it yet! It has to do with a mountain man though, and a woman who wants a quieter, more routine life to replace her chaotic fast-paced youth. Although life with a hermit may be a little quieter than she was expecting...

Stay tuned!

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New Release: The Naughty List

Great news! The Naughty List is all polished up and available...and even better, it's available free all weekend when you download it from the Brazen Snake Books store. Don't want to side-load your ereader? No problem - for the next three days, you can buy The Naughty List for .99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. It should be available at all major retailers soon as well.

Here's a little about the book:
Jodi Perkins and two of her closest friends make a pact on New Year's Eve. They vow meet at a different bar on every major holiday, and each hook up with a guy to spend the evening with. But Jodi's personal goal involves an angle her friends wouldn't understand, and a hired professional to help her check the items off a special kind of list...

This book stands alone as a story, but if you're interested in the divergent stories of Jodi's two friends, they each have stories out today as well. You can read more about them and find purchase links here.

Also, for today only (until midnight), Chocolate Cream is also available free in the BSB store! Jump on it if you want a copy...they go back to regular price after midnight!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers! I hope it's romantically erotic (or erotically romantic, whichever you prefer)...

New Release: Chocolate Cream

Looking for the St. Patrick's day installment of The Naughty List? Come back Sunday. If you want something to read now, check out the latest in my Creme du Jour series, just released today:

Audrey Patrick has had a crush on a certain pastry chef since she was in high school. Now that she's all grown up with her own degree, she has a chance to work with the man himself. When she goes to interview for a job in his kitchen, he surprises her with an interview for a position of a more...personal nature as well. But can she handle the kind of heat he wants to subject her to?

Chocolate Cream is available now in ebook format for $1.49 in the Brazen Snake Books store, and also from these other fine online retailers:

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It should reach other retail outlets (Sony, Apple, Diesel) in the next few weeks.

But wait! Wanna get your copy for free? Today only, use the code "CHOCWHIP" at checkout in the BSB store, and you can download your choice of formats for free. The code is good until midnight!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy! Next up, Lemon Cream...

Excerpt: The Pile Driver

Do you know what a pile driver does? Wanna find out?

Excerpt from The Pile Driver

Eric stepped inside, his white tee no longer white and a fine layer of black grime covering most of his exposed skin. Even so, Dawn had to admit that it was part of his appeal, and it was all she could do to keep from sneering as his fan club of the day ran up and tackled him, one on each side. Not that he couldn't handle it. Six foot two and all muscle, the man had the body of a professional wrestler. Dawn had been fantasizing about it since she started working for the construction company three years ago.

Not that he would notice. Dawn turned back to her computer screen and pretended to be working. The man was a chick magnet - a new woman on his arm nearly every night. But not just any girls - he always seemed to come back with the good looking, fake boobs and impossible heels sort. Never just your average woman...and certainly not one who still wore flannel shirts long after the trend was over.

From the corner of her eye, Dawn saw him pick up both twins at once and swing them around in a circle. She shook her head, tapping away at her spreadsheet even though she knew full well she'd have to redo it when the office quieted down.

"We're headed to Elmo's for dinner," Eric said, putting the girls on their feet. At least they looked like they were of age this time. "Anyone wanna come? Dawn?"

She shook her head and waved him off, a pencil between her teeth.

"Suit yourself," he said, and shortly afterward she let out the breath she'd been holding as the door banged shut behind the trio.

The architect left too and Harry Stanton, the builder, approached her desk. "You know everyone knows you have a thing for that man," he said, smiling kindly. She shook her head, putting the well-chewed pencil in a cup, smiling in spite of herself. Harry was like a father to her, though sometimes he took his role a little too seriously.

"Now don't go spreading lies, Harry," she said, giving him a stern look. "There's no way I'd date a construction worker. Eric Daniels is off limits, and it's just as well, given how he seems to go through women like tissues. I think those two were the sixth and seventh just this month."

Harry winked. "Not that you're counting, right?" He shook his head. "I think you'd be surprised if you got to know him. He's smart under all that brawn. Give the man a chance."

"Give what man a chance?" Eric walked back in and picked up his wallet from the table, holding it up by way of explanation. "Forgot this. Are you having man troubles, Dawn?"

"No, I am not," Dawn said, thankful the lighting was dim, given how warm her cheeks were. She shot Harry a warning look. "You stay out of my love life." Then she forced herself to look Eric in the eyes. "And you mind your own business. Don't you have...two girls waiting for you?" She barely managed to refrain from calling them bimbos, but judging from the way he was looking at her, as if he could read her thoughts, he already knew her feelings on the subject.

"Girls, yes." He leaned against the doorway; his expression taking on a quality Dawn didn't quite know what to do with. The intensity made her want to squirm in her seat - in a good way - as he continued. "A woman, no. So if you wanna take their place, say the word and they're gone."

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Excerpt: Chocolate Cream

This week's excerpt is from the third story in my Creme du Jour series, coming out next month. It's currently with the editor, but here's a brief taste from the draft copy. Enjoy!

Chocolate Cream


The door closed behind her with an audible click and she jumped, turning to watch as Nathan bolted the door. Her fear must have shown on her face, because he did laugh when he saw her expression.

“It’s so thieves don’t get in, not so you don’t get out, sweetheart. Relax.”

Audrey nodded, letting the breath she’d been holding out as slowly as she could.

“Thank you for letting me in,” she said finally, relieved when her voice sounded relatively normal. “Celia told me I should come for an interview, but it doesn’t really seem like she talked to you about it. Are you looking to hire a pastry chef, or was she just playing a prank on me? I apologize if that’s the case...”

He leaned back against the opposite counter, arms crossed over a wide, muscular chest. He must work out, she thought. While making pastries all day was hard work, it wouldn’t give anyone muscles like those.

She didn’t remember his eyes being so...intense. Deep emerald green, they looked like cat’s eyes, stalking her in the dimly lit stainless steel space.

“Honestly?” His voice did odd things to her belly, and she shifted as moisture dampened her panties when he continued.

“I misunderstood. I thought Celia was sending someone over for a... different position. I do need some help here in the kitchen, but I didn’t expect her to know that.”

Audrey frowned, sensing she was missing something important. Had Celia had something else in mind when she suggested Audrey come over to interview? She’d been clear about looking for a pastry job when a friend from college had introduced them at Celia’s theme club. Brandy had wanted to check it out - for the experience, she’d said - and Audrey had gone along to keep her company. She’d never seen anything like it, but Celia had seemed nice enough.

“Well, what’s the other job?” she asked, looking up into those mesmerizing eyes again. “Maybe I can do both? Celia mentioned that the pastry job was part time...”

Nathan laughed, shaking his head. “I don’t think so. But thank you for offering. Do you still want to interview for the pastry chef’s job?”

Nathan studied the young woman closely as he waited for her answer. The fact that she didn’t speak right away was to her credit. She was a thinker, and he appreciated that quality in the people he associated with.

She looked familiar, something in those brilliant eyes made him wonder if they’d met before. Surely he’d remember though - the long gentle curve of her neck, those high and narrow cheekbones, that Roman nose. It was unlikely he’d forget that face, but he couldn’t decide whether he’d truly seen her somewhere or if her face was just pleasing enough to trigger an imaginary deja vu moment.

“Yes,” she said, looking him in the eye. “I still want to interview for the pastry chef position, if I may. Here’s my resume.” She held out a navy blue folder, but he waved it off.

“No resume needed. I prefer a more...demonstrative approach to interviews, if that’s okay with you.”

She raised an eyebrow, her expression intrigued. “Sounds like fun. Where do we start?”

Nathan wondered if maybe she’d work for the second position too. That confident, introspective attitude would be perfect, and there was certainly nothing wrong with her delectable body, or what he could see of it anyways.

Perhaps the interview could be structured in such a way to test her potential in that area as well...

He reached for a white smock hanging on the wall, and handed it to her. “In my kitchen, you will address me as Chef or Sir. Put this on, and we’ll begin. What is your name?”

She set her things down on the counter behind her to pull on the smock, as he’d expected her to do.

“Audrey,” she said, her fingers deftly buttoning up the jacket.

“Audrey what?”

She finished adjusting the smock and looked up at him. “Audrey Patrick.”

He said nothing, merely waited as he watched understanding move across her features.

“Audrey Patrick, Sir.” It was a statement, not a question as some women might have posed it. He nodded, noting the slight relaxation in her shoulders at his acknowledgement of her obedience. A good sign.

Nathan looked pointedly over her shoulder at the handbag and folder sitting on the counter. “There is to be nothing on these counters that doesn’t relate to food preparation in some way. You can put your things over there,” he pointed to a set of cubbies and hooks in an out-of-the-way corner. “Then you can scrub that counter to restore it to its original condition. The cleaning supplies are in that closet.” He pointed again, this time to a door near where personal items were to be stowed.

Then he stood silent, waiting for the refusals that normally followed. Younger chefs tended to have trouble with the idea of being ordered to clean something right off, which was why he still hadn’t filled the position after six long months. But Audrey didn’t argue and didn’t look upset by his command.

“Yes Chef,” she said, gathering her things and going to the corner he’d indicated. She put the items away and then got cleaning supplies out and went back to the counter, spraying and buffing the stainless steel surface until it gleamed. Returning the supplies to the closet, she came back to stand in front of him, arms behind her back, chest out, shoulders straight.

Nearly perfect submissive position, which made him wonder if Celia hadn’t chosen her wisely after all.

“What would you like me to do next, Chef?”

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Whipped Cream is Available Now!

Ready for the next story in the Creme du Jour series? Whipped Cream is out today!

When her estranged lover returns to claim her, Celia must come to terms with the dual nature of her personality. But giving in to her biggest weakness could mean the end of Whipped, the bondage club she's built from the ground up.

Whipped Cream is available now in ebook format for $1.49 in the Brazen Snake Books store, and also from these other fine online retailers:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

It should reach other retail outlets (Sony, Apple, Diesel) in the next few weeks.

*Or* you can download your copy for free from now until midnight tonight, using coupon code "WHIPME", only in the BSB store!

I hope you enjoy it - now it's back to working on Chocolate Cream, the next Creme du Jour story coming out in early March...

Excerpt: The Bouncer

This week's excerpt is from one of my very first stories - and still one of my very favorites too. Meet Kaylee & Patrick, if you haven't already...

"This isn't gonna work. You should leave."

Kaylee held her ground. "Why won't it work, Mr. Big Bad Wolf? Or maybe you aren't so bad after all?" She moved in, running one finger down the center of his chest. "You know," she said, standing on tip-toe to place a kiss on his jaw, "I've been looking forward to taking a ride all night. You wouldn't deny me, would you?" She wiggled her fingers into his jeans, the manicured tips just brushing the head of his hard cock.

He wrapped his hand around her wrist, his grip firm. "You have no idea what you're asking."

"Oh, you might be surprised," she said, petting his chest again with her free hand. Her fingers shook just a little, contradicting her brave words. He relaxed a little. She obviously didn't know anything. Maybe it was time to come clean. At least she wouldn't bother him after she ran away as fast as she could. As long as she kept her mouth shut.

He released her wrist, caught her around the cinched-in waist and pulled her up against his body. Leaning down he took her lips, nibbling and sucking until she opened, then thrusting his tongue in to meet hers. He let out all the frustration and stress from the night, giving her a taste of what might come. When he finally pulled back, she stood there, trembling in his arms as she gazed at him with wide, doe-like eyes.

"If you come in, there are some ground rules you need to know. I'm in charge. You do as I say, when I say it. I don't use safe words, so once you go through that door, you won't leave until I give you permission."

She backed up a step, regarding him with more thought than he cared to see. She should be running down the drive by now. "Am I allowed to ask questions?"

"Within reason." Patrick's body heated. He couldn't believe she was actually considering it. Just the thought of that tight little ass under his hand or one of his whips made him shiver.

She took a deep breath then let it out in a rush. "Okay."

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Schedule Changes & Weekly Excerpt

I've decided to stop posting serial drafts on the blog, at least for awhile. Instead, every Friday I'll post an excerpt either from something I'm working on, or one of my older stories. This week you get both a cover reveal and a short excerpt from my next story, to be released on February 1st, 2013! Enjoy...

Excerpt from Whipped Cream (Feb 1, 2013)

Surely you haven’t forgotten me,” he said, pushing off the desk and moving closer with slow, deliberate steps. “Your body hasn’t. I can see you fighting to stay on your feet. What I don’t know is why. We’re in your office, no one can see... what’s the harm in showing your master some respect?”

She shook her head, holding out one hand. “Don’t come any closer. And you’re not my master, not any more. You gave up that position a long time ago when you decided to leave. Why are you here?”

He stepped into her hand, bumping against it with his chest, and she let it drop to her side. Being in the same room with him was dangerous enough. Touching him was the height of foolishness. One more step, and he loomed over her with his full six-foot-four frame, forcing her to look up.

I’m here to claim what’s mine,” he said, the words practically rumbling out of his throat and vibrating to her core. “Now kneel.”

No Serials This Week

Sorry folks. I had to put my dog down this morning, and between that and the whole vacation thing, I'm not going to get my serial chapters done this week (next week, they may be late, depending on how our Lucy dog does while we're gone). My apologies - new chapters next week. Thanks for your understanding...

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